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Beginning in 2012 we are no longer archiving our action alerts. Our email service does not maintain copies beyond 3 months.



12-22-11 Information Meeting on Crete Immigration Detention Center
12-20-11 Pope Benedict's World Day of Peace Message
11-10-11 12 Million people facing starvation and malnutrition in East Africa need your voice
11-01-11 Urge Senators to Protect Religious Freedom
10-26-11 Urge Senator Kirk to Protect the Vulnerable
10-17-11 Backgrounder and Prayer Resource on Human Trafficking
10-05-11 Bishops Urge Catholics to Use Moral Principles in Making Political Choices
09-16-11 Protect International Assistance for Poverty
09-15-11 Protect Victims of Human Trafficking
08-29-11 Speaking Out Against For-Profit-Prisons
08-4-11 Report on the Debt Ceiling Debate: Good News, Bad News, and Worse News
07-23-11 First Friday Fast for Food Security
07-21-11 Put Poor and Vulnerable First in Budget and Deficit Negotiations
07-18-11 CRS Responds to East Africa Drought
  EPA Action Item
06-13-11 New Diocesan Advocacy Team Being Formed
05-10-11 Vatican issues major report on climate change
05-04-11 Illinois DREAM Act vote possible today. Contact your senator
05-02-11 Ecumenical Effort to Create "Circle of Protection" around the Poor
04-27-11 Two Opportunities to Help the Hungry
04-26-11 USCCB & IWJ announce initiative for Unemployed and their families
04-13-11 Time is running out to protect immigrant youth and families in IL
04-05-11 Congress must Act this week to protect Poor and Vulnerable
03-22-11 Educational Resources for Global Poverty Campaign
03-08-11 Don't Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor
03-07-11 US Bishops Urge Gov. Quinn to Sign Death Penalty Abolition Bill
  Affordable Housing Petition
03-04-11 Poverty Focused International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
  Governor Quinn Still Wants to Hear from You!
02-23-11 Protect Human Life and Dignity
  Catholic Social Teaching Supports Workers Right to Organize and Bargain
02-11-11 Illinois Minimum Wage Bill Summary
02-04-11 Urge President Obama to Remain Engaged in Sudan
1-12-11 Call Governor Quinn - Abolish the Death Penalty
1-07-11 National Awareness Day for Human Trafficking January 11
1-6-11 Advocacy Accomplishments: Report from USCCB


(Please note: these are archived copies of our email alerts. Some formatting may be lost thereby resulting in a poorer appearance.)





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