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Joliet Diocese Legislative Advocacy Network


     “Faithful citizenship calls Catholics to see civic and political responsibilities through the eyes of faith and to bring our moral convictions to public life. Catholics in public life have a particular responsibility to bring together consistently their faith, moral principles, and public responsibilities. Believers are called to be a community of conscience within the larger society and to test public life by the values of Scripture and the principles of Catholic social teaching. Our responsibility is to measure all candidates, policies, parties, and platforms by how they protect or undermine the life, dignity, and rights of the human person, whether they protect the poor and vulnerable and advance the common good.


Faithful citizenship is about more than elections. It requires ongoing participation in the continuing political and legislative process.” The Diocese of Joliet invites you to exercise your faithful citizenship by participating in the Diocesan Legislative Advocacy Network.


     Through occasional yet timely email alerts, the Joliet Diocesan Legislative Advocacy Committee will keep members of the network up-to-date on actions of state and federal government for each of the issues identified below. Enter your email in the box below. You will then have opportunity to check the issues you are interested in supporting through advocacy. You will receive alerts only for the issues you check. Thank you for becoming a member of this important ministry!


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