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JustFaith Ministries develops and offers workshops and programs that empower people and expand commitment to social ministry within faith communities.

Through these opportunities members of a parish study the Church's commitment to the poor and vulnerable in a lively, challenging, multifaceted process, all experienced in the context of a small community of faith.


Get involved in JustFaith in the Joliet Diocese. Contact Lisa Polega, SLW For more information about any of these programs.





JustFaith is a conversion-based process that seeks to provide a context in which participants can grow in their commitment to care for the vulnerable and to become advocates for justice.


JustFaith is an extended justice education process that meets weekly employing books, videos, guest speakers, discussion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences. Participants are also afforded the privilege of becoming community with other participants and sharing a journey of faith and compassion that is both life-giving and challenging. Read more



Engaging Spirituality



Engaging spirituality is a spiritual deepening process for adult Christians who are seeking to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to bear upon the needs of our world.


We all hunger for intimacy, with our Maker and our neighbor, and Engaging Spirituality invites small groups of concerned Christians to look at the world together and enter deeply into the critical realties of our day as they break open their lives. Engaging Spirituality encourages us to BE STILL and STILL BE in the storms of life that surround us. Read more.






JustMatters is an expanding series of formation materials from JustFaith Ministries. JustMatters allows participants to focus on a particular current social justice topic.


The general format for these topic-focused modules is prayer, readings, videos, speakers and dialogue. JustMatters allows a group of eight to fifteen people to give sustained attention to a specific area of social concern or social ministry (some with special emphasis on Catholic social teaching) and culminating in a call to engaged action. Read more.



Justice Walking (J-Walking)


JusticeWalking (J-Walking) is a 3-to 6-month "prophet-raising" process that forms small communities of adults and older teens who experiment with living the Gospel message and the implications of Catholic social teaching.


Key to this process are the relationships created within each J-Walking community and those they encounter at the margins of our society. Read more.



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