The television advertising encourages you to contact a dealership to see that sparkling new automobile. Whether a new car beneficial for you? Sure, it has all appealing financing options, but what other options do you have? You may have the same amount of satisfaction as a new car and can have reliable transportation for a long time if you purchase used cars in el cajon.

Engine inspection

The engine is the heart of the car, and it takes a lot of damage. The vast number of components and the tight tolerances need routine maintenance.


Leaks are one of the easiest things to see. Many fluids circulate in, around, and beneath the engine, and a well-maintained vehicle should not leak. Examine the underside of used cars in el cajon for evidence of an oil leak. There is oil on the tarmac and mud under the cars, indicating that an oil leak is or was present.

Road dirt adheres to the oily underbelly of the engine, resulting in sludge under the engine.

Gasket for the head

The head gasket is a small piece that lies between the lower and upper sections of the engine and keeps coolant and engine oil out of the cylinders. A leaking head gasket is known as a blown head gasket. It can cause a smoky exhaust, a loss of power, a harsh sounding engine, and complete engine damage, so it’s essential to inspect.

Colors of exhaust smoke

Start the automobile and move to the back of the car. A small puff of smoke upon starting an engine is nothing to worry about, but keep an eye on the emissions for a few minutes because if it persists, it’s a clear indicator of a problem. The presence of blue smoke indicates that the engine is using oil. That suggests oil is getting into the cylinders in some way. It might be because of a bursting head gasket or an issue with the engine’s internal seals. In any case, the costs might be substantial.

Gearbox and clutch inspection

Checking the gearbox and clutch is more about feeling than looking. There are manual and automated gearboxes, but various pushrod engines operate differently. All ratios should engage smoothly and softly, regardless of the car’s transmission. There is an issue if it does not.

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