Almost 60% of the human body is water.  And many know that people are meant to be consuming a few liters every day. This is to maintain being hydrated and the bodies and brains functioning appropriately. An alternative to bottled drinking water, mineral water in a can for emergencies is sold by some companies. It is a great choice for emergency kits or earthquakes.

Aluminum cans can be recycled endlessly. This means the can of water you drink must keep returning to you throughout your life. Recycling cans used repeatedly also needs around 95% less energy than producing brand new ones too. This means that power can be used elsewhere or conserved.  Canned food and beverages withstand transfer between oxygen and undesirable flavor better than plastic. Thus, cans are greater for long-term emergency water storage.

Here are the best brands of water in cans:

  • Blue Can Premium Emergency Drinking Water

Blue can premium emergency drinking water is the most well-known canned drinking water. It withstands 50 years, even when kept in intense heat. This water is guaranteed to resist temperatures up to 140 degrees. And down to 33 degrees Fahrenheit, blue can water is clean and fresh-tasting. Like clear water, based on people who have tasted it. Blue Can’s packaging is ecologically-safe, it has no chlorine, BPA, or fluoride. Can’s are hermetically sealed and are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.

  • Alka Power Emergency Drinking Water in Cans

Alka Power water has BPA-free cans and is assured to withstand for 30 years. This brand come in sizes suitable for schools, government agencies, or hospitals. This brand is also highlighted on emergency kits and survival websites. The can will combat crushing and is 100% recyclable.  This water has potassium, magnesium, ionic calcium, and sodium traces.

premium mineral water

  • Augason Farms

Agua Farm’s new ultra-purified 50-year water provides you and your loved ones the utmost in water security. It contained in easy to store and goes through an eight-stage ultra purification process. This canned water is heated to 185 Degree to make sure no bacteria remains. It has 100% protection from moisture, light, oxygen, and other contaminants.

  • Perrier Lime Flavored Sparkling Water

Perrier Lime provides sparkling and natural spring water in cans. To fight against ocean pollution from plastic bottles. It is manufactured for mostly environmental safety purposes, yet you can use it for emergencies. Perrier water is the natural mineral water derived at the source in the South of France. Perrier mineral water has a crisp and refreshing flavor of lime.

  • Hiball Energy

Noah’s Spring Water comes in sleep and tall cans. It has no sweeteners and preservatives, it is 100% pure spring water. It contains a high magnesium content. It is one of the few canned, unflavored spring water and has still and carbonated versions.

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