Harry potter was a fictional character yet very attached to our hearts it was the only movie we must have liked so much in our childhood and maybe even after growing up we are still watching it again, this movie was hilarious. There is no such movie as good as the Harry potter series. Harry potter was a very strong and a good wizard, he had a reason to grow up and that was to kill his parent’s murderer voldemort. There is no such good magical movie as harry potter, harry potter and his friends all study in the school called Hogwarts and it is a very amazing place, the teachers who train them to become wizards also one of the best ones. Their teaching techniques are really different and the school also maintains strict rules in order to stay disciplined, it is a great movie and people from all the ages really love it. This movie opens up an entire new world which is very different from the world we live in. The school also has a special train for the students to come to the school.

Hogwarts quiz easily

There is so much more to know about the school like the principal of the school is Dumbledore, a great wizard who is very powerful and always tries to make things good. Voldemort was no ordinary wizard and to kill him there was only one way and that was harry potter, only Harry potter could kill Voldemort and no one else and it is also necessary for harry potter to have Dumbledore’s wand, without that he will never be able to kill that evil person, as that wand was the only strongest wand in the world and that will only serve its master and no one else. The wand could only be one by defeating the person having the wand, harry potter unknowingly defeats one of his friends who had actually defeated Dumbledore by attaching him secretly. The Harry potter series is full of excitement and thrill and everyone loved it so much. The movie series was marvelous. If you are a fan of the Harry potter series then you would be able to answer this quiz hogwarts house test.

How was the house decided?

The Sorting hat was the one which decided which student would go in which of the four houses, it was really a great task. Hogwarts house test is a quiz for the ones who are great fans of harry potter and the ones who don’t know much about it might learn too.

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