The Islands are always the dream place for the people of all age group. Even though there is more number of Islands across the world, some are considered to be more special and popular. This article is about such popular Islands, which is the choice of many people while planning their vacation.


Obviously the first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about the Island is the Maldives. This can be considered as the heavenly place that a person must visit at least once in their lifetime. Especially this place will be the best choice for the couples that are planning for a honeymoon or for the couples who want to spend quality time. Even though there are many interesting things in Maldives, they are highly famous for their world-class resorts. Obviously this is one of the highly visited Islands in the world. People who are planning to visit Maldives must make sure to book the resorts and other tickets in advance.


Obviously when the people of Philippines are questioned about paradise, their answer will be Palawan. This Island tends to have a unique wild life that cannot be experienced in any other part of the world. Their limestone caves are supposed to have millions and millions of visitors throughout the world.


This is one of the top Island that cannot be ignored in the top Island list. This island is highly removed for their culture. They have more number of Hindu temples with exotic architecture. Their beautiful beaches are supposed to add more credits to their environmental beauty. The people who are planning for a trip with family can find Bali as a worthy choice. In order to gather more information about the beaches, sea and oceans cookiesandtomatoes can be referred. This website tend to have better reviews on oceans and islands.

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