As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, sugar paste waxing, or Arab waxing, is a very ancient method of hair removal , recently back in vogue due to its delicacy on the skin compared to the classic hot wax spa franchise opportunities in Florida

In reality, however, this methodology also has several limitations:

even if less than the classic waxes, it is painful ;

its results are temporary ;

it is often ineffective on the most resistant hairs ;

getting it right can be difficult and can cause a lot of time and erratic results .

To overcome all the problems of waxing, progress in the hair removal sector has given rise to various laser hair removal technologies , i.e. machines capable of removing hair at the root permanently, minimizing side effects and pain. during treatment.

Compared to Arab waxing, a laser session is certainly more expensive, but this investment is amortized over time , because after a cycle of sessions, the hair will no longer grow and it will no longer be necessary to spend neither time nor money to remove the hair.

Therefore, preferring laser hair removal over sugar paste waxing means being able to obtain a more beautiful, smooth and uniform skin without suffering , saving a lot of time and getting to no longer having to think about unwanted hair forever!

Sugar paste waxing: in conclusion.

Now you know all about sugar paste waxing, and making a brief comparison with laser hair removal you may have already realized that there is no point in dealing with the time wasters that an uncertain and temporary remedy could cause .

If you have finally decided to say goodbye to superflu i hair forever and are looking for a laser hair removal center , at Laser House you will be able to find the solution to your problems.

Abandon the pitfalls of tear-off hair removal methods and start a definitive hair removal process, relying on our multi-specialized staff, who will study a laser hair removal process tailored for you !

Sugar Wax or Sugar Wax is a non-invasive treatment based on natural components to make the skin smooth and silky .

The method of hair removal with Sugar Wax is of ancient Berber tradition and besides depilating your skin it eliminates dead cells and impurities from the epidermis . You can use this product on all areas of the body, it does not irritate the skin and does not damage the capillaries because it is performed at body temperature.

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