Masti’s is a serious romantic drama series by KrishJagarlamudi. This is an aha best web series that makes you curious enough to binge-watch all the episodes of it at once. It is a full package of entertainment for a film buff as one prefers. It should be a part of your watch-list. Viewers can watch Mastis web series online at Aha.

Masti’s is a Drama series that revolves around 6 characters. It’s a metaphor for a new age modern-day relationship. Each character has their own path to pursue as Masti’s is a pub where their interrelated stories centres. It is one place for all the happiest moments of their lives and also the miserable ones. How they turn up their lives from such heartbreaking experiences….is what you will be hoping to cling to.

Cast and Crew:

Runtime: 8 Episodes 22 minutes each.

Released: 22 April 2020

Gener: Romance, Drama

Actorr: Navdeep, SiddharthGollapudi, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, Raja Chembolu.

Actress: ChandiniChowdary, BindhuMadhavi, Hebah Patel, Akshara Gouda.

Writer: RadhaKrishnaJagarlamudi.

Produce: Sai BabuJagarlamudi, Y. Rajeev Reddy

Music Director: Smaransai

Telugu Web Series That Blows Your Minds


Masti’s is a story that revolves around 6 people. Each has their own paths to pursue but Masti’s is a pub where everything centres. Even though it revolves around all of them with different stories and plots, in the end, it comes to the most exciting emotion, which is love. Love is the centre part of all their stories. Navdeep and BindhuMadhavi being the major part of the cast as they own a pub called Masti’s, they are the centre to all major characters in the series. Raja Chembolu and ChandiniChowdary work in the pub and Hebah Patel works with a band in the music department of the pub with her own team and her own goals of becoming a popular band in the city. With all the love stories that mingle in their pursuit of goals, they experience an emotional breakdown which disrupts their ongoing productivity in their current lives.

Artists Performance:

– Navdeep has shown a new face in this ultimate love drama series. He’s done well for his character behaviour which is beyond his basic roles.

– Just like any of his characters from any of his movies so far, he has been shown with such a mature character who is capable of intaking the most unpleasant moments in life properly.

– Hebah Patel as one of the lead roles played the most and well suitable character she deserves. She is best at what she does.

Technical Aspects:

– Art direction is good.

– Music is totally in sync with the mood of the story.

– Screenplay and coordination among the scenes is smart and intelligent.

You can watch mastiswebseries online on aha platform

5 Reasons To Watch Masti’s:

– Smart Script and Screenplay Work.

– Actors living their Characters.

– Music that hits right through our hearts.

– To experience one same emotion of love in different perceptions.

– One of the Most Dramatic and Emotionally Touching Telugu series ever made so far.

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