Did you turn to one professional for another to get help with a persistent health problem to get … the same persistent and unresolved health problem? If this is yes for you, you are not alone. Many people moved from one practitioner to another in the hope of finally finding a solution to their problem, but in the end they feel disappointment, confusion, hopelessness and the feeling that they were not understood.

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Difficulties in explaining

As a doctor who experienced my own difficulties in explaining, not to mention the fact that it is difficult to solve health problems, I came to the conclusion that a deep understanding of how he arrived at his current health complaints is fundamental to a successful plan. treatment, and start listening to you and your health history. This, of course, takes time, and our medical model seems to be exhausted, as evidenced by a recent article on the economic inadequacy of your doctor spending more than 2 minutes with you.

I hope you notice that your doctor is interested not only in what you say about your health history, but also in how you say it. The way my patients talk about what they do with their healthtells me a lot about their connection and knowledge of their symptoms. Can anyone tell me that they eat a small breakfast, they often skip lunch, they don’t eat until 3 or 4 in the afternoon and in an arrogant way, noting that this does not bother them, they have been doing it for years. This tells me that after 7 hours without food, they are not very aware of their symptoms of low blood sugar. I hear another disdainful phrase: “… this is my usual pain, I’m used to it, that’s why I’m really here …”. This tells me that the information behind the ongoing problem of pain has not been fully understood or perhaps not even studied.

Your health care provider should listen to 2 parts

The part where you are given time to explain your situation, the symptoms and the provision of information that you consider important, and the second part where you are asked questions carefully. I believe that this skillful research is not only informative for me as a professional, but it can also be the seed that sprouts your first awareness of resolving your long-standing complaints.

For me, listening to you and encouraging you to answer questions and tell your story is essential to find a solution to your situation. I have concluded that your symptoms today are the result of an underlying previous history. It may be a short or long story, but the tips and even the answers to solve your problems are within your story, and listening to your story is the first part that will ultimately improve your health!

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